Thursday, June 22, 2017

My sister is moving!

My sister is moving to California. She's actually en route right now! I am so bummed to see her go but happy she and her husband get to have this adventure together. I only hope it's short! Last weekend we went up for a quick visit to say goodbye to them before they hit the road. It was, of course, bittersweet. We drove up Friday morning and I had to run a couple errands that I hadn't had time to do before I left Williamsburg. Then we hung around Leesburg the rest of the afternoon taking a walk to the park, running to Tropical Smoothie to get our free sunshine smoothies for National Flip-flop Day, and having a delicious dinner of ribs.
(Eleanor took this pic!)
(The girls with their "Antelope buns")

Saturday morning my siblings and I were able to take my dad out to breakfast for an early Father's Day celebration! Shug even brought his new puppy Henry for us to meet.

Later that morning we headed to Ida Lee to swim in their outdoor pool. The girls have been loving swimming and water so far this year so it was right up their alley. Eleanor even did the lazy river in her own tube (though this mama was a little worried that she wasn't wearing a life vest)!

At home, Eleanor and Uncle Eric played necklace shop in the basement before we all headed back outside to play Kan Jam.

Jane missed her nap, which never happens and completely passed out during dinner. We grilled burgers and hot dogs and it was delicious!

We took off after dinner to head back to Williamsburg so that we'd be able to spend Father's Day with Chris after he worked all weekend long. Jane had a rough ride in the car, not falling asleep until almost 8:30 on the way home and waking up the last 15 minutes of the drive crying the whole way. Then with those two naps (during dinner and the car) didn't want to go to bed. She stayed up with me unpacking until about 10 pm before I finally got her back down to sleep. The next morning we had to wake her up at 8 am (she almost always wakes up at 6:30 am) for church! Travel is rough. We were all exhausted on Sunday!

We were so thankful though that we got the time with Auntie Lo and Uncle Benny before they hit the road for California. We miss you guys already!!!! See you soon!!
(Lots of the pictures in the post above courtesy of Lauren!)


La-Jan said...

Such cute pictures!
I remember when my sister left, still not over it! Life changes, but it is never the same again. Does make travel happen though! Know what you are going through, Katie. Good vibes sending your way. ((Hugs))

Lauren said...

Thank you so much for coming up so we could spend our last weekend with you! We miss you so much already, but can't WAIT to see you out here soon! Already scoping out fun places/things to do with you guys ;)

Patty said...

I had no idea Lauren and Eric were moving...hope they find much happiness in CA and how nice you could all be together before they left. Kudos to Eric for playing necklace shop! :-)

Dorothy said...

I was a very nice weekend but I miss them already too. Janet, you are right. It is such a big change. I am excited to see them enjoying San Diego. What a great place to explore! Good luck with the new job Benny! More traveling ahead...start packing Katie!