Monday, June 26, 2017

Father's Day

We were out of town for most of the Father's Day weekend which was just as well as Chris had to work all day Friday and Saturday until very late each night. We made sure to be home Saturday evening so that we'd have the whole day together as a family on Sunday. Our entire crew was pretty tired from either travel or work, so we spent the entire day relaxing. We went to church Sunday morning, took a walk in Colonial Williamsburg, and then came home, took naps (all of us!) and grilled. Eleanor didn't want to take a nap so after she stayed in her room playing for about an hour and a half, Chris finally told her she could stay out in the living room and watch golf with him. When I woke up from my nap, this is what I saw:

Apparently at some point, Chris fell asleep and then Eleanor crawled on to the tiny corner of the couch leftover and passed out herself. And a close up, because after I snuck out there, I realized Chris had clearly gotten Eleanor a piece of pizza as a snack and she passed out sometime in the middle of eating it (notice the pizza on the floor).

Anyway, we are so grateful for Chris. He is (obviously) a great dad. He loves his girls, he loves me, he works hard, and we are so thankful to be his crew.

Happy Father's Day, Chris! Happy Father's Day to Shug, Papa Laser, and Opa, too! They are great grandparents and we are very thankful for them, too!


Patty said...

These pictures are so cute. Love she found a way to get a spot to fall asleep! and nice that everyone could get a nap in...I consider it a luxury! Love the girls' yellow!

Dorothy said...

This is adorable. Love the the napping with Chris picture!!! Such a fantastic celebration. Happy Father's Day Chris!!!