Monday, July 31, 2017

July wrap-up

The month of July has been HOT. We pretty much suspended any afternoon walks through the neighborhood or visits to our local park because I couldn't stand to be outside. The only outdoor activity we really did this month was Water Country, a pool, or something else that involved water or ice cream in some capacity. In earlier years I've been a fan of the heat, but in the last few years (maybe chalk it up to having babies and people constantly clinging to you), I haven't been able to stand it! We are taking a couple vacations in August which will help with some of this heat but are already looking forward to my favorite season...fall!

Eleanor loved taking care of our neighbors' chickens and fish for a couple weeks this month. She loved feeding the fish all by herself, running over to let the chickens out of their coop in the morning and then going back over to close them up for the night. Chris had one incident of an escaped chicken on the only morning he was helping with chicken duty and vowed never to go case you are wondering though, the chicken flew back into her enclosure all by herself when she got tired of being chased.

Chris took the girls to Menchies one day for ice cream, or "cheese-man" as Eleanor calls it (clearly we don't go there often enough for her to remember the name!

Eleanor has spent the entire month obsessed with the new Beauty and the Beast movie. She insists on dressing up like Belle multiple times a week, hair in a bun just like Belle's during the dancing scene.

The girls have been participating in the Summer Reading Program at the library. They have gotten lots of great prizes including meals at Chipotle, candy at Wythe's in Colonial Williamsburg (pictured below), frozen yogurt at Menchies, books, and ice cream at Baskin Robbins.

One of Eleanor's friends has a water balloon birthday party at his house. It was very fun, but hot!!

Jane learned how to take off her clothes by herself. I guess it has been so hot that I don't blame her, but I sure was surprised to walk into her room and find her naked!

We are so hot that I bought ice cream cones so we could have afternoon snacks of ice cream outside.

Grandma came back down to visit again this month to take a trip to Water Country!

We did turn the oven on once this month to bake cookies...

Eleanor also has been stuffing balloons under her dress to pretend to be pregnant recently (we have lots of pregnant friends right now) which is kind of hilarious.

We had to say goodbye to some of our best friends at the end of this month, too. They are moving away and we are so sad to see them go!

Chris took a work trip to Chicago and of course, stopped by to see the bean.

More to come including the girls' first week of VBS which was the last week of this month!


Patty said...

These are such great pictures! Especially love the second one of the girls!! Love E's crab dress and the final one is funny!!

Dorothy said...

These are cute! All that ice cream look yummy!