Monday, July 3, 2017

June wrap-up

June has been a great month for us, and a busy one for Chris! The girls and I have spent almost every day I'm not working outside in some capacity - at Water Country, at the river beach, at the pool, on the back porch, or taking walks. It has been hot, but mostly bearable with the water. Chris, on the other hand, has been working hard to wrap up things for the end of the fiscal year at work. We are looking forward to him having a more relaxing schedule come July.

One of Eleanor's neighborhood park friends moved this Alaska! She was bummed to say goodbye to "the only person who plays police officers and princesses with me."

The girls took a handful of opportunities to wear their matching boats dresses this month - probably the only year both dresses will fit them at the same time (though Eleanor's is still very big on her).

We took a family/small group trip to Bruster's after dinner one night and it was delicious! I got all the flavors that had both chocolate and raspberry in them.

We took a few trips to Busch Gardens where Jane started coming around on riding the rides.

We rode our bike to Jamestown Beach to swim with friends. It's just over two miles from our house on the bike - what a huge blessing!

Eleanor got her very first library card! She was absolutely thrilled and checked out lots of books on her new card.

Here's a picture of the girls before Eleanor's gymnastics class one morning. This is probably Eleanor's last month at gymnastics as she will be starting school in the fall!

We've taken lots of trips to Water Country.

Eleanor has done a few swim lessons with a friend from church who offered to help teach her.

Some friends invited us over to have a pool party - a meeting of several of the small groups. It was a ton of fun.

We've also done a couple field hockey sessions this month, which Eleanor has enjoyed.

And, of course, we've spent lots of time outside in croc lagoon

Overall it's been a good month filled with lots of fun outside!


Dorothy said...

Water month!! It's fun seeing Eleanor get so involved in the gymnastics and field hockey. What a difference seeing Jane on all those rides. Go Jane!

Lauren said...

Summertime is here! It's so great Jane is loving the water so much! I'm glad to hear Chris's busy season is winding down soon.

Patty said...

Such cute and happy pictures! You are so blessed to have so many wonderful parks nearby! And SO MANY friends!!