Thursday, June 29, 2017

Jane loves swimming

Jane has gone from sitting on the edge of the water splashing, to full on loving being in the water over the last two weeks! It all started at one of Eleanor's swim lessons. I didn't bring Jane's bathing suit and she spent the entire lesson trying to climb into the pool. The next week, I brought her suit and she played on the stairs, but if I took my eyes off her for a second, she would pretend to hold her breathe and then just jump off the stairs (I never strayed very far from her, obviously). I toted her around the pool letting her kick and use her arms to paddle, but she continually screamed at me to "let go!!" even though we were in 3-4 feet of water. She screamed and cried that whole day in the pool trying to kick and paddle after Eleanor and get me to let her go. The next week I decided on a new tactic and put Jane in Eleanor's puddle jumpers. Technically she's not at the weight threshold for these yet, but I figured I would at least give it a shot and hang on to the back strap where maybe she wouldn't notice I was still holding her, but she ended up doing great! She kicked and paddled (largely unsuccessful in getting places) and floated her way around the pool and was much more content. Ever since then, Jane has absolutely loved being in the water. Every time I get near her and try to grab her she sticks her little hand up and waves me away saying, "no, no, no!" She just loves her freedom floating on her tummy or sticking her toes up in front of her and floating on her back. 

Week 1:

Week 2:

Needless to say, Jane is quite happy now with her freedom.


Patty said...

Oh, love these pictures so much, especially that last one. She looks so content!! Can't wait for my next swim meet!!

La-Jan said...

She sure does look positively thrilled!

Dorothy said...

Such a happy swimmer! I love these!