Thursday, July 13, 2017

Nine years

Chris and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary this week! I'm sure I say it every year, but it seems like it was just yesterday, and it feels like lifetimes ago that we got married. I am so thankful to have such an amazing husband. He works very hard but always makes sure we come first. We've been through a lot in the last nine years and have a lot to navigate this next year of marriage. I love this guy though and I know we can face whatever the world throws our way together.

My mom came down to visit last week and ended up offering to watch the girls one night so we could go out to dinner for our anniversary. We ended up going to the Riverwalk Restaurant in Yorktown off of the York River, and it was delicious! We don't get a ton of time away from the girls together in this particular season of life, so it was a real treat and we had a great time!

Happy Anniversary, Chris! Here's to finishing out the decade strong and to many more years to come!


Lauren said...

Happy anniversary!!! I love that dress! You guys are one good looking couple and great role models for us to look up to as we're only starting out this journey. Love you!

Dorothy said...

Happy 9 years! You guys are great together! Love you both! Congratulations and you look great!!

Patty said...

Happy 9th anniversary!! What beautiful pictures...Katie, love your dress! Agree with Lauren - you are great role models! With God all things are possible! Btw...we were just looking at your wedding photo book last two looked like babies!! We love you; happy anniversary!!

LA-jan said...

Happy Anniversary! That is a beautiful post! You guys are terrific together!