Monday, July 10, 2017

Gaby visits!

Last weekend Gaby came to visit for the day! She was heading down to Virginia Beach to see her brother and niece and came down a day early to see the girls on her way. Eleanor was so excited because she hadn't seen Gaby since Ashleigh and Jessie's graduation when we traveled to Harrisonburg for the weekend.

Eleanor had field hockey practice that morning, but after lunch and naps, we decided to make an evening trip to Busch Gardens! Eleanor wanted to show Gaby all the rides she likes to go on. They went on Oscar's Whirly Worms, Elmo's Spire, Grover's Alpine Express (FOUR TIMES - clearly Eleanor's favorite), the Scrambler (which Jane insisted on riding and then hated!), the adult swings (while I took Jane on the baby swings), the Battering Ram, and we all rode Le Scoot, the log flume, and the Carousel together.

The next day we headed down to Virginia Beach with Gaby to support Mary Ellen at her softball tournament, though, no surprise, it took me a lot longer to get everyone organized, fed, to the potty, and out the door than I planned and we ended up missing her softball game. We headed to Gaby's hotel to have a picnic and then play in the pool and let the girls skip their naps. 

It's such a nice pool and a blast to play in. Eleanor definitely missed having her "cousins" there though from last year and missed the fact that the dance tournament wasn't in Virginia Beach this year! That night we decided to go to Jessie's boyfriend Henry's parents' restaurant in Chesapeake for dinner. They own a Chinese food restaurant and it was delicious! It was also nice to meet and spend a few minutes with his parents (though I think we met them briefly at the twins' graduation in May). 

We headed home that night, our second late night in a row, which we are now paying for because poor Jane got sick after two late nights and a skipped nap :( We still had a blast though and it's always worth it to spend time with the grandparents! Thanks for visiting, Gaby!


Dorothy said...

That slide looked so fun for E! Lots of nice rides and Gaby, you look great!!

Patty said...

This was such a fun couple of days! I loved riding with the girls and maybe Jane has forgotten that I took her on the scrambler!! :-)
Loved seeing their skills in the pool! Thank you for being with us!!

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