Monday, August 7, 2017

VBS - Maker Fun Factory

This year was the first year my girls did Vacation Bible School at church. We had wanted to do it in past years but work and vacations got in the way. Earlier this year, I got asked to volunteer as a nurse for the week and I agreed and the girls have absolutely loved it! Jane particularly loves all the dancing (no surprise there) and Eleanor says she loves everything. They are both exhausted when we've come home every afternoon though, and I am wondering how Eleanor is going to do with this schedule next year for preschool...

Here's Eleanor and Jane with some of their friends also doing VBS this year, including the stars of the show... Tinker Tommy and PicNick.

And a couple videos of Jane doing her thing (dancing):

VBSDancing from Katie Stratton on Vimeo.

And the girls with one of the robot decorations in the hall (notice Eleanor's "robot smile"):

Jane's class picture (the nursery, she is on the far right):

I never got a copy of Eleanor's class so I will have to try to track that down here soon!


Lauren said...

So glad they got to participate this year! What a fun, cool week for them :)

Patty said...

These are so darling!! How much fun for Jane dancing and Eleanor and Stratten doing the hand signals!! <3

Dorothy said...

Oh it looks like they had a great time!