Thursday, September 21, 2017

Jane's 2nd birthday

This year I didn't have the energy this year to plan a big birthday party for Jane, but we still had fun and she got to hang out with some of her friends. That morning she helped me bake her cake.

We went on a woods walk with our neighborhood friends that morning, which was definitely a bit taxing for me as it's about a three mile loop. I don't think I'll be making that journey again until after the twins are born. 

After our woods walk, we met a bunch of Jane's friends for lunch at a local hot dog place! Hot dogs are right up the girls' alley and they had a blast. I had texted her friends the day before and there ended up being 17 kids (4 and under) that were able to come. Thankfully this place had a room in the back which happened to be empty and we basically took it over. The kids sang "Happy Birthday" to Jane and she loved it.

When Chris got home that night we did Jane's birthday string (which Eleanor helped with quite a bit) and then Jane got to open a few presents. Jane chose to watch Frozen for pizza-movie night (since it was Friday, after all) and then we had cake. Overall, this girl had a very sweet birthday and we had a lot of fun celebrating her!

Happy 2nd birthday, sweet Jane!


Lauren said...

It looks like it was such a fun day! The hugs at the end of that video kill me... so so sweet. Happy birthday Jane!

Dorothy said...

I love these pictures! So cute of Jane and her cake. How fun to have so many friends to help celebrate. Happy birthday SWEET Jane,

Patty said...

I love these pictures...sweet Jane; she is so happy!