Saturday, February 28, 2009 Rankings: #2

Your silver medalist:

Music: Ahh country music. Drink it in. It always goes down smooth. Examples A, B, and C. The "YeeHaw" that we get from the bass player is timed pretty perfectly, and we also appreciate the drummer's use of utensils and light fixtures to provide us with a beat. There's also a bit of harmony in the chorus, which we applaud as well. Grade: 8.5/10

Lyrical Creativity: This one has the benefit of being the first commercial that was released, so the information was actually new and informative. The lyrics are quite catchy in this one, and when you say free credit, most people will probably remember this one. We find out that a hacker stole his identity, so we're glad to hear that it wasn't him being irresponsible again. A troubling line is that "he could have seen this coming at (him) like an atom bomb." Can people see atom bombs coming at them? I'm not so sure. Did you see me dropping this bomb on you? Yeah, didn't think so. Grade: 8/10

Visual: Pirates are always cool. Captain Jack Sparrow has got to be one of the coolest ever, but these guys aren't that far behind. Also, is the lady eating at the table the same lady from the other ones? I can't tell. But the nice thing is, she's happy in this video. Smiling and nodding along to the music. It really makes the tone of the whole video much more positive. A solid video all around. Grade: 7.5/10

Overall Grade: 24/30


jennie said...

yes, this is a good one. although the last line about t-shirts has always bothered me just a bit. first of all, what's wrong with a t-shirt? i'm gonna go with nothing. second, no one in the commercial is actually wearing a t-shirt. possibly the lady at the end with the hoodie- but it's unclear. although i like the guy's hawaiian type shirt. very touristy.

Chris said...

Man, Jenster I gotta hand it to you. You pay attention to the smallest of details, and I dig that. And I agree with you, nothing is wrong with a t-shirt, I wear one just about every single day.

jennie said...

thanks chris. and let me just say, after having to watch these commercials on tv for what seems like years, it's nice to have a forum to discuss their intricacies and air my thoughts.