Friday, September 18, 2009

Taking things to a new level

I know some may think it's lame, but I love the Harry Potter series. I've thought they were wonderful ever since I started reading the books in 8th grade when my sister got one for Christmas. I've preordered them as they've come out, read them all multiple times, seen all the movies, and just generally love the books and characters.
Anyway, Chris found this the other day. When I read it, I was kind of shocked. A theme park completely based on the world created in Harry Potter! I think my surprise was just that while I knew the books were immensely popular, I wasn't sure they would turn into timeless classics (i.e. something people would invest millions of dollars in, around which to create a permanent theme park). I mean, that stuff is reserved for superheros and characters like Mickey Mouse, along with the rest of the Disney franchise. While I wouldn't make a trip out of visiting, if I ever found myself nearby, I would definitely check it out.


Dorothy said...

Oh - you WILL visit there someday!

Patty said...

Ashleigh and jessica already know about it and already asked if they could go!! (Maybe I'll send them with you :-)

jennie said...

oh man i bet that will be a big hit. i'm definitely going to have to read the harry potter series now cause i want to go to there.