Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rain, rain, go AWAY!!

What is the deal with all this rain??
The road to get to work is flooded, I have to jump over small rivers to get into the car, and the ground is so wet that it can't absorb anymore water. The backyard is also flooded!

I've heard this weekend is supposed to be much better - good thing, too, because we're headed to Williamsburg again!


jennie said...

this morning it was monsooning here and i had left my umbrellas in the car. needless to say i ended up running to my car wearing a bathrobe over my work clothes. good thing i live on a busy street so lots of people could witness that.

Dorothy said...

Have a sunny weekend in Williamsburg!!

Patty said...

And I'm happy we'll see you in Williamsburg! major thunderstorm going on here right now - crazy!

Maggie said...

wow! it just rained here yesterday, but it was really really intense! I hope you had a sunny day today and awesome weather in Williamsburg :)