Thursday, December 3, 2009

December basketball update

Well the season is definitely underway! I've decided to update you all once a month on the team. Basketball permeates every aspect of our lives - when we eat dinner, what we do on the weekends, sleeping, work schedules - literally everything! I figured you may as well know what's going on, too :)

The Tigers have played four games already and currently have a 3-1 record (1-0 in the conference). The only game they've lost so far was against a D1 team. They won a home tournament this past weekend and next weekend they're heading up to MD to play in an away tournament. On Wednesday they'll take on the number 4 team in the country (Guilford) at home.

Chris is loving his job, especially now that the season is going. I'm enjoying the season because so far they're doing great and the games have been exciting, plus the games give us something to do on the evenings and weekends (this is a blessing being that we live in Farmville!). Hopefully it'll still be going so well by the January update!

The biggest thing I'm excited about right now is that Chris will actually have a full week off for Christmas. A WEEK! This may not seem like a big deal to many of you, but when Chris was playing, he would get 2 and a half days off for Christmas. This means we'll get to go home and visit family without being rushed!

Don't forget: here's the schedule if you want to come to a game this year and thank you to everyone who has come out already!!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice to know a LONG Christmas break is coming! We have a week too, and we're going to spend it in Vegas. I'm so excited. Enjoy your time off. Miss you guys!

Dorothy said...

It is so exciting to know the team has such a great start! Can't wait to spend a little time with you both over the holidays!

Michele said...

Does going to a preseason practice count as H-S Support??? I hope so!!!

jennie said...

go tigers!