Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Diversity Day

So today at work we had a presentation from the NCAA in collaboration with the National Consortium for Academics and Sports about diversity. My expectations were that it would go like this:

I wasn't that far off at first, because this was one of the first exercises we did:
That's right, the title of the page is "A Star is Born."  And that star is me.  As per the instructions, I wrote my name in the middle of the star.  Then I wrote all of the ethnic groups that I'm a part of on the different arrows.  I wrote French, British, German, and Caucasian.  I think I've got French, British, and German ancestors, but not totally sure on that one so I took a best guess.  And then I circled caucasian because I think most people identify me with that group, and then i boxed caucasian as well because I consider that my primary group.  And then everybody had to share with everybody else what they had written, so this activity took about 20 minutes when it could have taken 2.  Very much like diversity day at Dunder Mifflin I think.

It wasn't all bad though - I learned the negative path toward segragation and the positive path toward inclusion, so that's a good thing I think:

The worst part of the day was that this was a 4 hour presentation, from 10 am until 2 pm.  Straight through lunch hours.  So that was pretty rough not getting to eat until after 2.  But I'm glad to say I made it through diversity day. 


jennie said...

but weren't those 4 hours worth it to learn that you're a star? that's a life lesson to hold onto.

Patty said...

Congrats on your achievement of making it through lunch without eating! Good post!

Rob said...

This episode of the office was on TV last night -- Office marathon!