Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Eric!!

The reason I went home this weekend was to celebrate my brother's birthday, which happens to be today! I don't really think I even have to get into how awesome my brother is here - just read my post from yesterday. Not many brothers would go to that length of trouble for a sister!

My mom made a totally awesome cake complete with snowballs due to the blizzard occurring outside the window.

And we celebrated by eating well all weekend long. My mom made a feast for every meal!

Happy Birthday, ERIC!!!

My brother's birthday also happens to be my half birthday (and vice-versa, of course). I think the epic shoveling escapade was a bigger half-birthday present to me than the birthday present I gave to him! I'm sending a package though today to try to make up a little bit (so check your mail in a couple days, Eric!!).


Lauren said...

happy birthday big bro!!! wish i could be there! i love you!

Dorothy said...

Happy Birthday Eric! It's great to spend some time with you!