Monday, February 8, 2010

"Remember that time Eric shoveled all of Foxborough Drive to get Katie out and home in time for the Superbowl?"

As some of you may have heard, I got home last night! It was in no small part due to Eric. Let me tell you, he's someone you want to have by your side when things get crazy, because he knows how to get things done :)

You may be wondering how getting out of our neighborhood was possible. I mean, we got almost 3 feet of snow on Friday/Saturday! Yesterday morning after I did some research into when we might expect some plows in our neighborhood, Eric and I decided to take matters into our own hands and just shovel our way out. From our driveway, all the way up the street. And when I say "Eric and I", I really mean Eric. He did pretty much the entire thing himself!

This is what our driveway started out like on Sunday morning. On Saturday, we dug out that corner so we could pull Eric's car up into the driveway before the plows came by and buried it more.

Eric didn't waste any time and was out there shoveling before I had even finished my coffee in the morning. I decided I shouldn't be lazy and only drank half my cup so I could run out there and start helping.

My mom decided shortly afterwards to come out and do her part for a little while. She certainly helped make a dent in the road. If you look closely at this picture, you can kind of see the stop sign at the top of the street, which is where we had to get to.

Check out the progress made so far!

After we had gotten about this far, we saw a plow! It was on the street that runs perpendicular to ours, so we waited a few minutes incredibly relieved that the plows were actually coming despite what we had read...until we saw an ambulance follow the plow. And we had to watch the plow reverse back up the side street and leave us on our street, still stranded. They were only plowing for medical emergencies!

As you can see, after about an hour and a half, everyone had already made a significant dent in the shoveling. If you look closely in these pictures, you can see my dad at the top of the street starting to shovel down and meet Eric.

I promise I was helping shovel some! It doesn't look like it because I kept taking breaks to take pictures, but I was! Eric was working tirelessly. About 2 hours in, a neighbor we borrowed a shovel from brought him out a beer for the home stretch.

We kept our drinks cool in the snow while we worked.

Finally the end was in sight. I don't think anyone was more glad than Eric. He's such a beast! Didn't even take a break once yet!

Here is the top of our street, which thankfully, someone with four-wheel drive and a snow blower from the nearby cul-de-sac had already cleared.

And FINALLY - we were finished!! I hope Eric doesn't have to pick up another snow shovel again this entire winter...or maybe even for the rest of his life!

Honestly, I don't think a single person out there can claim they have a better brother than I do.


ashley said...

wow katie that is just...incredible!!! you definitely have a wonderful brother and i'm glad you made it back safely! i'm just sorry we weren't there to make use of our snow blower - those things really to make a world of difference. hope the roads get cleared soon!

Maggie said...

wow! eric = so impressive!! SO happy you made it home safely and let's hope for warm temperatures and no more of this winter :)

jennie said...

oh wow that's crazy!! nice work eric and the hall family!

jennie said...

oh wow that's crazy!! nice work eric and the hall family!

Patty said...

Absolutely amazing story! What brotherly love...I'm so impressed. Thanks for sharing this with all of us!

Eric said...

I have to confess, while i did want to help katie get home, we were also out of beer, and i couldnt have that on super bowl sunday!

Dorothy said...

Nice excuse Eric- We know you are just a great guy!

Rob said...

Hahaha, nice work Eric, hope you enjoyed that beer!

Lauren said...

hahaha! that's a hilarious excuse. still UNBELIEVABLE!

Stina said...

definitely a ridiculous amount of snow...your street probably looks better than mine! I agree, no beer on superbowl sunday is quite a tragedy!

LA-jan said...

Wow!! That is just incredible! Your neighbors must have also been grateful. They would just have to shovel out to your path! Happy Birthday Eric! You the man!