Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bob Stratton Tribute Post

As my dad's prize for winning the NCAA pool, here are 10 things about him.  Enjoy.

1. After the first weekend he was in 6th place, and after the second weekend he was in 4th place.  A good picker doesn't make his move too early, but waits patiently within striking distance of the top.  This was a perfectly executed plan.
2. Some of you already know this, but he was an F-15 Pilot and his callsign was Laser. Tell me you wouldn't trust our national defense to this guy:

3. He is on facebook.  Find him here.
4. One time, on a family vacation, he bet me $1 that I wouldn't eat this super hot pepper on the side of my plate.  I won that bet, but this happened:

5. During the winter weather this year, he pulled this off of the roof:

6. He once broke a guy's jaw when they were boxing in college.  Seriously.
7. He does sweet poses on the beach.  I think a calendar shoot is in order:

8. He asked my brother and I to come help him pull a tree out of the yard.  We worked while he supervised:

9. One time when we were visiting family in Washington state, he took my mom for a ride on an ATV, but crashed it into a ditch.  He blamed my mom for "leaning to the side too much."
10. He and my mom just installed a bar in their basement and he'd love for you to come visit.

Once again, congratulations to this year's champion, and we'll see you all again next year!


Katie said...

Hahahaha - my favorites are #7 and #9!

Paul said...

#4 and #7 rule. I would trust him with our national defense. I will visit that bar (for a coke of course) at the end of June/beginning of July.

Michele said...

Awesome post!!! Congrats to Bob!!!

Dorothy said...

I've learned so much! I like #8 - a true leader of men! Congratulations again!

Patty said...

Great post on a great man, Chris! I still have a thing for men in flight suits...and it was HIS fault we landed in an irrigation ditch on that ATV!!!

Stina said...

Very informative...I'd love to visit the bar! :)

Aunt Paula said...

Congratulations to Bob! So I've learned a lesson on executing a perfect plan (or how not to) ... I was simply at the top too soon, and just couldn't hang on. Next year, I'll try that patience-within-striking-distance thing. Loved all 10 things about him (not sure about the calendar, though), and lots more besides. Fun stuff!

jennie said...

10 awesome things! well done Laser!