Tuesday, April 6, 2010

NCAA Winner

What a difference a year makes!  In one of the craziest and most fun NCAA tournaments ever, the only victims were our brackets.  Boy did they take a hit.  If you compare to last year, you can see that this year's winner would have finished in 12th place last year.  This is the only time I can ever remember that the winner of the pool did not correctly pick the national champion, and it's pretty amazing that not a single person in our pool did so.  The average score among our 20 participants last year was 94.85, and this year it was only 59.50.  Nevertheless, our winner has earned his title with superior picking abilities, and I'm happy to announce that Bob Stratton is this year's champion.  In the coming days he will be the recipient of a sweet tribute post in his honor.  Congratulations are also in order for Ashley Kramer and Ryan Jones for tying in last place with 48 points.  Although there were 20 participants, they tied for 19th, so kudos to each of them for staying out of 20th.  Here are this year's final standings, and we'll see you all again next year (hopefully not with 96 teams!)   

1. Bob S. - 84 (winner)
2. Jennie T. - 80
3. Katie S - 75
4. Chris S. - 71
5. Alex H. - 70
6. Paula D. - 68
7. Jon G. - 63
8. Jessica S. - 58
9. Erika S. - 57
10. Patty S. - 56
11. Eric H. - 55
11. John & Dorothy H. - 55
13. Lauren H. - 52
14. Stina C. - 51
15. Ashleigh S. - 50
15. Rob S. - 50
15. Paul D. - 50
18. Cassidy J. - 49
19. Ashley K. - 48
19. Ryan J. - 48


ashley said...

oh how the mighty have fallen...after a third place finish last year and a decent start after the first weekend, i didn't even think last place was in the cards for me. oh well. there's always next year :) thanks chris and katie for putting this together!

Jessie (Stratton) said...

i was soooooo close!!! i still need a very "valuable" prize from last year's last place :)

Dorothy said...

Congratulations to Bob! That was one incredible tournament! We enjoyed it.

Patty said...

How did Jon Garber jump from last place and beat me!!?? Congrats to all those who did way better than me!!

Stina said...

great tournament...sad outcome! Does anyone else think Jon Scheyer looks like a total punk?

Chris said...

Jon had Duke in the final game, so he got 16 points to jump from 47 points to 63 points.

Aunt Paula said...

That was lots of fun, Chris; thanks. I'm in for next year now that I know all about it. Six out of 20 isn't bad!

jennie said...

2nd place oh yeah! next year i'm going straight to the top!