Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

We drove up to visit our families this weekend for Easter Sunday.  It's been a long time!  Due to work schedules, the last time Chris and I drove up to northern VA together to visit both our families was Christmas.  I had driven up for the blizzard where Eric shoveled me out of the neighborhood, but thankfully this trip was much less harrowing than that one.

We spent Saturday night at Chris' family's house having a nice dinner and watching the final four.  It was wonderful just to be able to sit around and visit for awhile - something I miss from when we were living in Arlington.  I don't actually have any pictures because I left my camera in the car...oops!  Easter morning we went to church at the same place we were married (Chris' family goes there every week).  It was a great service!

After church we headed out to Leesburg to see my family for the afternoon.

Since we had awesome weather this weekend, we spent most of the day outside.  We took a walk close to home because no one wanted to get in the car and drive anywhere that day.

Eric and Chris decided they would rather play football than just walk along with nothing to do, so they started a game of seeing what they could hit with the football.  
They attempted to get the ball through the window of that shack in the picture above.
And then they tried smaller targets - a birdhouse.

Eric also brought his ropeball game down from PA and we set it up in the backyard.  I'm typically hit or miss with this game and I think I did pretty well yesterday!

It was a great Easter - 


Dorothy said...

Thanks for coming - we so enjoyed spending the day with the two of you!

Patty said...

Did your mom make that charming Easter bsket for you two!!?? That's awesome! We loved having you, too. (I love that rope game - wish we had one).

maggie said...

so glad you got to see your families! it was such perfect weather too :)

LA-jan said...

First time I've ever heard of ropeball. What a lovely day!

jennie said...

love the pictures! looks like fun!