Thursday, January 27, 2011

2 hour delay

We didn't get nearly as much snow as it sounds like everyone else did last night, but we did get enough to have a two hour delay this morning, and I love delays. It is so nice to sleep in a little bit and get ready at a leisurely pace in the morning - while it's LIGHT outside! Not to mention the fact that it shortens the work day :)

It's been so cold around here lately so I've been looking forward to getting some snow. It seems like snow has an insulating effect - today is so much warmer! We got about an inch or two, but you wouldn't be able to tell if you looked outside right now. It's so sunny today that it's melting everything away so quickly. As long as it's going to be cold outside, I would be happy the have more snow and more excuses to wear boots to work every day!

Last thing I love about the snow: the whiteness has a very calming and peaceful effect and the blue sky that follows a storm is such an awesome relief from the everyday grayness of winter... Thank goodness for some color!


Ashley said...

I'm with you Katie - I love the snow! It makes everything look so beautiful and peaceful, and snow = warmer temps, and I am definitely in favor of that.

jennie said...

yes i love snow too! we didn't get quite as much here either- but a good deal of ice so enough to cancel school. i could go for one big storm before spring!

LA-jan said...

I was pulling on my short sleeved tee to go out in the 78 degrees when the news was reporting the record breaking snowfall blanketing the northeast! Glad to hear you are all surviving just fine!

maggie said...

Wow! Those pictures are so pretty! We got ice and such here with some snow... but no blue skies! How I miss blue skies!