Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How we compromise

I like to walk. Chris doesn't - he doesn't get the point if you're not actually going anywhere.

Chris likes to golf. I don't - I am fine to hit a couple balls at a driving range, but I wouldn't pay for myself to play a round because I'm so bad at it.

So we compromise!

Sometimes I will walk with friends on a nice afternoon so I don't have to bug Chris about it, and sometimes Chris will go out and golf with his friends or some coworkers.
But occasionally we have an afternoon all to ourselves and we both want to do something a little different. Chris agrees to walk nine holes even though it's a little more tiring than using a cart and I agree to be a spotter and get a nice two hour walk. I could find many worse ways to spend a nice afternoon :)


jennie said...

beautiful pictures! looks like a win-win...WIN!

Elizabeth said...

what a pretty golf course! i'm glad you both got to enjoy it :)