Friday, April 29, 2011

Snapshots of my week

Nothing terribly exciting has been going on this week, but when I was uploading pictures to my computer the other day I realized that lots of little things have happened.

1.(And the best news so far) someone finally complained about the birds building their nests outside our door. I didn't want to say anything b/c I think they had already laid eggs and I didn't want any of their babies to get hurt, but it was seriously getting dangerous to walk in and out of our front door. These two birds would watch their nest like hawks from our porch light and every time we came up the stairs they would swoop down to scare you away.
They stuck these weird plastic spike things over where the birds were building their nests and I guess it's been working. They're still camping out on them but I haven't seen evidence of new nests yet.

2. I was leaving work earlier this week and a trashcan had caught fire. By the time I walked by, the whole thing including the fence it was stationed next to had completely burnt to ashes. It's the little things that add color to long work days :)

3. Chris has been planning a banquet for work for months. It finally happened Monday night and as you can imagine, he is very glad it's over. It's hard to have a huge project looming over your head for so long. It went off without a hitch and I was impressed. It was a bit like planning a wedding for over 300 people - not a fun job! I had a great time though because I got to dress up, get a free dinner, and watch my man at work!

4. Can you guess what this is?
Bat #4! (Click for number 1 and numbers 2 & 3.) He was just chilling outside my office door the other day sleeping. They are catching these guys and releasing them somewhere nearby and I'll be honest, they don't really bother me anymore. They are so cute and they haven't hurt anyone. I'm not sure why bats have such a bad reputation.

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