Monday, August 8, 2011


This weekend we headed to Nashville to visit some family and just check out the area. We drove through on our way home from Texas last year but never spent any significant time there. Since our family there is so awesome, we had a great time :)

Our trip started out with duct tape, because unfortunately as we walked out to get in the car we realized something was falling off the bottom. Not sure what it is or whether it's important, so we figured we'd better try to keep it on there.

Once we got there, they welcomed us with open arms and we had a great time spending the weekend with them. They even showed us a bit of the local flavor taking us to a speakeasy called the Patterson House downtown (Maggie - it's very historical, you would love it!).

We took off after church on Sunday to make it back home for the work week. Thanks for hosting us and taking your weekend to hang out Whittakers! You are the best :)


jennie said...

Awesome! Nashville is a cool place! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!!!!!

maggie said...

I have never been, but that skyline is awesome! glad your car made it there and back in one piece :)

kelly said...

2 things:
1. LOVE the patterson house!!! which drink did you get!?!?!
2. what church did you go to!?!

Katie said...

I got the Juliet & Romeo and the Love Long Time - they were both awesome!

And the church we went to was Crosspoint Nashville