Saturday, December 10, 2011


I got a new job! I will be working as a Care Partner in the peri-surgical unit (PSU) at the hospital in Richmond starting the day we get back from our visit home for the holidays. Essentially, I will be helping to get people ready for their surgeries and/or helping monitor them after surgery. I'm excited for this job because I'll be working with patients anywhere from 2 days to 110 years old - so it will be a good opportunity to get a better idea of the population I want to work with in the future.

On a similar note, Chris had his last day of work yesterday. We are both going to miss all his awesome co-workers here. They are wonderful and fun people. He is very excited for his new opportunity though - and he starts on Monday, so it will be a quick turn-around!

We are spending the weekend packing and just took a car load of stuff to donate over to Goodwill. There's nothing like moving to motivate you to pare down on your belongings :)


jennie said...

wow so many changes! praying for you all! what will your hours be as a care partner?

Katie said...

Not sure yet - I'll schedule them after my clinicals get set in January

Dorothy said...

Congratulation on the job. Busy bee! Your lives move so quickly! Enjoy all the new opportunities.

LA-jan said...

What a great opportunity, Katie! Good luck with the move! I'm excited for the both of you!