Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

My sister, Lauren, invited us over to her boyfriend's house for a bonfire on New Year's Eve and we were pretty excited because (1) we've never been over to see his place before and (2) he promised me I could drive his bobcat! Well, I drove it and it was pretty awesome! It was like controlling a remote controlled car with a joy stick while you're riding inside of it, AND it can pick up stuff with its giant claw! Definitely the highlight of my night :)

If you want to get an idea of the size of the bonfire, note the bobcat in the bottom right corner of the picture. He had a pile of trees he had to burn up that night.

Afterward, we headed back to my parents' house and watched the rest of Dick Clark's Rockin' NYE. We watch it every year and every year I'm more surprised that he's still staying up past midnight for that show.

I hope you all had fantastic New Year's celebrations and are kicking off the year right. We got home (weird that Williamsburg is now officially "home!") last night after watching the Tribe play up at GMU and have been adjusting to living in someone else's house and getting back to reality! Orientation for my job started today and continues the rest of this week and next, and Chris is starting to figure out what his daily responsibilities are in his new job.

Happy 2012!


jennie said...

praying for you in all these transitions! love you!

Patty said...

Us, too!

LA-jan said...

Happy New Year!