Thursday, January 5, 2012

Other stuff from home

Random pictures from our last week of the old year, in no particular order, for your enjoyment: 

Duncan got a tree for Christmas, so Eric built it, and then actually also built new and bigger platforms for him to use.

Chris's sisters and I made peanut butter balls. They were delicious and probably didn't even last 24 hours. I am already craving them again!

We had to make a run to the grocery store and library one afternoon so Chris let his sister drive to pick up some of the time she needs toward getting her license. It was raining and around dusk, but Chris was very helpful and patient while she was learning - I was very impressed (both by his patience and her driving)! 
(No, we did not notice the "no parking" sign in the spot she parked in until we were back home and I had loaded this picture onto the computer!)

We played lots and lots of cards, of various types throughout the week.

Chris went to play Top Golf with his brother. I went to watch, only hit one ball, and hit the cart that drives around to collect the balls! It was a success, if you ask me :)

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jennie said...

ooh yes hitting the cart is definitely winning