Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our year in review - 2011

I feel like I say this every year, but this year flew by! Here is a brief glimpse via pictures into our past year (for previous years, click here: 2010, 2009, 2008)

January: We got together with friends for New Years up in the D.C. area to start the year off right and also got a new computer to replace the one I used throughout college and the years following.

February: Chris suffered from his first (and hopefully only) kidney stone :( We went home to celebrate my siblings' birthdays and enjoyed Eric's kitten Duncan (that he got for Christmas)!

March: Went to the CAA tournament and met the Griffin (W&M's new mascot) for the first time. Chris played lots of intramural sports at work.

April: We had a tornado in Farmville and then some crazy hail. We went to visit family for Easter and visited Eric in Bethlehem. We went up to NYC for a wedding

May: Lauren and Erika graduated from college! We had a weekend reunion with friends. I stopped working at H-SC and started nursing school. We took a trip to Lake of the Woods to catch up with some of Chris' old friends for Memorial Day.

June: Some of our best friends got married up in Pennsylvania, Chris went to the U.S. Open at Congressional, some of our siblings came down to visit for a weekend to hang out at the pool, and another Pindodge went down in the books.

July: We celebrated our 3 year anniversary, saw the final Harry Potter movie (can't believe it!), went to the beach in Delaware with my family, and Chris started working on his MBA.

August: We went to Nashville to visit our cousins, celebrated my birthday, I won an iTouch, we had an earthquake, and my mom and sister came to visit us for the weekend during Hurricane Irene.

September: We went to a wedding for a family friend, celebrated Chris' birthday, and I cracked the windshield of my car driving to and from Richmond (twice).

October: We went home to visit both our families early in the month, went camping and hiking for a weekend with friends, met up with some of my old roommates in Richmond for a quick visit one Sunday, went back to Williamsburg for Homecoming, and went to a haunted house for Halloween.

November: I watched heart surgery, we went home for Thanksgiving, participated in the Turkey Bowl, and we found out Chris got a new W&M, our alma mater!

Deccember: We started packing up our apartment and moved to Williamsburg to start yet another chapter of our lives! Chris started his new job and I got a new job, as well. We spent the last week of the month relaxing at home for Christmas, going to a bowl game and enjoying the holiday season.

As always, thank you to all the wonderful people in our lives that have made this year special, especially all of our friends in Farmville to whom we had to say goodbye over the past month. Our lives would not be anywhere near as joy-filled without all of our family and friends who we look forward to seeing at every opportunity. Here's to 2012!


Patty said...

Great blog post for a great year! Love seeing how many W&M friends pictures there were...and family, too! :-)

jennie said...

yes great pictures indeed! i'm ready for another one of those reunion weekends!