Saturday, February 11, 2012

Casualty of the move and an attic

The unpacking/setting up in the apartment is going well, but a little bit slower than expected due to life...oh well! Pictures will be forthcoming; hopefully sooner rather than later. The only thing we've found thus far that's been broken in the move is my trusty, old coffeepot. A big crack somehow formed spanning the entire bottom of the carafe, and sadly, Chris only found that out after brewing coffee and coming back in the kitchen to find the coffee leaked all over the counter. We're not sure how this happened, but I suppose it was time. I bought the coffeepot for $14 after coming back from Germany my junior year in college. Germany's afternoon tradition of having kaffeeklatsch hooked me and the rest is history.

Farewell to my old coffeepot - it served well for the last five or six years. We now have a new, (hopefully) trusty coffeepot that will serve us for the next five or six years.

In other apartment news, we have a new feature in this place that we've not had in our previous condo, house, or apartment: an attic! It is quite handy because we can throw lots of stuff up there that we don't need on a regular basis (our moving boxes and bags, Christmas decorations, etc.). I was a little creeped out by the attic at first, but it has now proved its use and I am happy with it. Plus, it is significantly less creepy than our old basement at the Farmville house.

And it has the added benefit of reminding me of the movie Christmas Vacation every time Chris pulls down the collapsible ladder and heads up there.

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jennie said...

gosh that was a trusty coffeepot. end of an era