Sunday, February 12, 2012

Snow in the burg

It snowed last night in Williamsburg - first snow they've seen all year, I think! Chris was in a meeting yesterday afternoon and some of the people started taking pictures on their phones out the window. You can tell snow is kind of a once in a year occurrence around here. It was pretty sunny this morning which is a good thing because I didn't see a plow/salt truck anywhere and our street was pretty iced over. Of course, the roads that where being driven on were melting down a bit.

The other reason you can tell that snow is a rare occurrence here is because where Chris and I grew up, this amount of snow wouldn't even cause a delay of school, yet when we got to church this morning, this is what the parking lot looked like:

Empty. I guess snow keeps everyone indoors! It is already melting away so I'm glad I got to enjoy it last night and this morning while we had it.

Also, we found out that we either have a cat, raccoon, or some other type of small animal visiting up during the night. I heard meowing the other day when I was home but I couldn't find the source. I really hope it's a cat and not some other weird animal.


Elizabeth said...

pretty snow :) we had a sudden drop from 70 degrees but all we got was some sleet. hope your new animal visitor doesn't cause trouble!

Patty said...

Is that your deck? We saw some beautiful snow out past Leesburg yesterday!

jennie said...

maybe it's a squirrel. they do grow em big there

Aunt Michele said...

We need indoor pics!!! Would love to see how you set it all up!!! Hope all is going well! You got more snow then we did here in Boston!!!