Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day!

Chris spoiled me tonight by making french toast for dinner. I haven't had french toast since last Valentine's Day when we decided to make brinner a tradition. We are home tonight watching the Tribe game on tv and relaxing since I just got home from 11 hours at the hospital. A weird shift length - I know, but half of it was my clinical and the other half was work. Anyway I really appreciate the fact that I didn't have to think about dinner when I got home after a long day like that, and have another 12 ahead of me tomorrow :)

I hope you were all able to spend some time loving on the important people in your lives today. Our love goes out to all our friends and family (especially my Opa, whose birthday it is today!) and hope everyone was able to eat some form of chocolate. Because how can you have Valentine's Day without a single piece of chocolate?


Patty said...

Glad the french toast turned out well! What a nice treat to come home to dinner.

jennie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE to you both! happy valentines day!

maggie said...

i LOVE this tradition! So fun! Well done on the french toast, chris!