Monday, June 18, 2012

Body Worlds

Last week I went to the Science Museum of Virginia with my clinical group to see the Body Worlds exhibit while it was in Richmond. If you have never heard of this exhibit, just type "body worlds" into a google image search and you will get a little taste of what it's like. It was so interesting and definitely worth the trip. I was definitely bummed that I couldn't take pictures inside, but perhaps one of the most interesting parts of their entire exhibit was the guest book at the end. A few excerpts for your enjoyment:
"I heard people are dying to get in here"
"I like the dead ice skaters"

"The moment I walked in I hated it. it was so discusting" [sic]

Well, that kid had it right - the exhibit definitely isn't for people with weak stomachs. We enjoyed ourselves walking through guessing what each person in the exhibit died from (not the point of the exhibit, I know, but when you study sick people and how to improve their health all day, it's what the conversation naturally turns to). Overall it was a great exhibit and worth the trip if you get the chance to see it near you! Our bodies are incredibly fascinating, and if you get nothing else from the exhibit, you will leave knowing that your body and all it does is amazing.


Patty said...

I would love to see this.

maggie said...

as you know, we went to see this exact exhibit on Sunday. I did NOT think it was gross... I actually felt like everything looked plastic and fake, even though I knew it was real! It was really fascinating to see how the body works and changes with age