Sunday, June 24, 2012

Freedom Park

Note: not to be confused with Freedom Park in Rosslyn (visited when we lived in Arlington).

When we have time we've been looking around the area for things that we never did the first time we lived here and recently we checked out Freedom Park. I had never been there before but it has some great walking trails and biking trails if you're into that kind of thing. In fact, while Chris and I were walking down one of the paths, we randomly stumbled across a geocache without even looking for it. (Remember when we went geocaching when we lived back in Arlington? We found one right on our street.)

Of course, being in Williamsburg, Freedom Park has its historical background, too: it is home to one of the first free black settlements - around the early 1800's. They've done some preservation so people like me can walk around and into some of the houses still today.

Lastly (for our exploration - there is actually a lot more to do and see at Freedom Park), we visited the Williamsburg Botanical Garden. The garden is not very big but they do have a diverse selection of plants growing in there; and as can be expected, a lot of bugs, too. It was very pretty and then even had some fresh cut basil on a table that they had just chopped from their herb garden. I was tempted to take some but I figured it wouldn't survive in the car.

Overall it was a nice way to spend the afternoon. One thing we didn't explore there that may be worth it in the future was this


jennie said...

wow that looks awesome! who knew that was in williamsburg?!

Dorothy said...

Fun way to spend the afternoon!

maggie said...

i never heard of this place either! love all the fun things you're discovering in Williamsburg!