Monday, July 2, 2012

Tim Tebow

As many have probably heard by now, Tim Tebow, Larry Fitzgerald, and Victor Cruz were in Williamsburg last week for the W&M summer football camp. Chris' mom and sisters had come down to the 'burg for the night to do interviews at the school (they are rising seniors!) and to determine whether this may be a place to consider coming for college. They all got to meet Tim Tebow before he headed back out of town, so hopefully that will help convince the girls that cool things happen here :)

Not that anyone should need more convincing to know that this place is awesome, but the campus is pretty beautiful, so it certainly doesn't hurt ;)


jennie said...

oh my gosh that's amazing! so what's he like?? also chris, you are bigger than tim tebow- that is awesome.

Patty said...

What an amazing time!! Well, you know I'M sold on W&M!!! Meeting Tim Tebow was awesome!

maggie said...

so cool you got to meet him! the picture of the sunken g's makes me miss w/m so much!