Friday, June 15, 2012

Mom and sis visit

Last weekend my mom and sister came down the visit and we spent some time at one of our local "beaches". If you are familiar with the area, you know we are located on a peninsula and therefore are surrounded by water. We have rivers to the north and south and the ocean to the east. We decided to head north toward the York river and go to Yorktown beach.

While I love the ocean and spent lots of summers at the beach growing up, I also really love rivers and lakes. The biggest thing I miss when I'm at the river instead is that you don't get that distinct, salt-water-in-the-air smell that comes along with knowing you're close to the edge of a state.

It was a fun visit! I am looking forward to a summer of sun and hopefully a few more visitors to share it with! 


jennie said...

oh i'll be back alright.

Dorothy said...

I'll be back to! What GREAT time we had and so much more to do! Gotta get around those pesky sea nettles thought!

LA-jan said...

I didn't realize how much water you are so close to!

maggie said...

love the river beach! looks like you had an amazing day! so fun!