Saturday, July 7, 2012


As many of you are, we've been having some crazy weather in this area the last couple weeks. We had a tornado come through Richmond while I was in class last week sending us all into the hallways on the first floor.

Chris and I went up to my parents' house to visit last weekend and a thunderstorm knocked out the power for at least 10 hours. I was glad it was primarily out overnight and not during the day because it was over 100 degrees outside during the day this weekend and not having air conditioning would have been interesting.

Duncan particularly had an interesting evening. He was scared by the thunder and intrigued by the candles.
(It was actually pitch dark outside, this picture just happened to be taken during a flash of lightning)

According to Eric, Duncan, not being an outdoor cat, is not used to heat. Since the power was out overnight, by the time morning rolled around it was pretty hot in the house. When the air conditioning came back on the next morning around 10am, he just sat and hovered over all the vents to soak in the a/c. It was pretty hilarious.

Then last Sunday there were tornadoes on the peninsula. This week the weather's been over 100 degrees everyday and I hear it's like this pretty much everywhere. Even when we were watching this fireworks at 9:30p on Wednesday I felt like I was melting. Hope everyone is enjoying their air conditioning this week!

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maggie said...

so glad your power came on the next morning! ours was out for days... but we were out of town on vacation. That kitty is so cute :)