Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I grew something

Between staff picnics (Chris), mandatory team building at work (me), a busy travel schedule (Chris), and orienting to a new hospital (me), we are doing our best to hang on to the spirit of summer as we transition into fall. It was hot today. Really hot. Which made it hard to sit inside in a room air-conditioned well past comfortable and take an exam that is supposed to predict whether or not I will pass my boards when I take them. I passed the exam and now I am hoping two things: that it is as "highly predictive of success" as it claims and that I can retain at least my current level of knowledge until I actually take the boards. Either way it can't be bad and eases my mind a bit.

Other random bits of information from our lives these days include the fact that approximately half of the basil and the majority of the parsley I started out trying to grow a few months ago are still alive...which with my record for plant-killing I will not hesitate to count as a full success. Check back in a couple months and I will likely have a different song to sing on this front.

I also noticed pumpkins being sold outside our grocery store the morning of September 1st and if anyone needed any convincing that summer is truly over, pumpkins would surely convince them. Despite loving the fall season through and through it is always hard for me to let go of summer. I certainly wouldn't mind a few more warm days to help ease the passing :)


jennie said...

yes i saw pumpkins this weekend too and it was kind of a surprising jolt! i am ready for some cooler weather though.

congrats on passing the exam!!

Patty said...

I don't want to let go of summer, either. We went out by Rosemont last week and I stopped at the farm stand to buy peaches. They were in full Fall mode - only apples, pumpkins and gourds!! Congrats on passing your predictability test; I'm not surprised!

Ashley said...

I'm impressed with your green thumb :) I haven't seen pumpkins yet, but I am ready for some cooler weather!

maggie said...

congrats on your exam, katie! those basil plants are so cute!!! i'm very impressed... i've never grown them inside from seed.