Sunday, November 18, 2012

End of the season

Yesterday the Tribe football season officially ended with their last game at home. This fall was a little bit of an adjustment for us because Chris has had to work every Saturday regardless of whether the game was at home or away. It was a little taxing at first, but as time went on he met some fun people, and I actually picked up a little side job working the last couple home football games from up in the press box. Someone at one of the tailgates Chris frequents before the game made this cake is actually in the shape of a stadium with the walls being higher than the center. I was really impressed!

The football schedule definitely limited our ability to leave town for the weekend, but thankfully, we like where we live. We've also had plenty of visitors so it's been a great fall. One note about visitors: we actually had a roommate the last six weeks who moved out yesterday. He was one of our friends from college and the husband of one of my college roommates staying here while they were in transition for a move and I was actually surprised at how quickly we got used to living with a roomie. It was awesome to have someone around to hang out with when Chris was on the road for work and we are already feeling like our place is a little too quiet. So if anyone needs a place to stay in Williamsburg, feel free to join us here!


jennie said...

that cake is amazing! and almost the size of the real stadium!

Aunt Michele said...

We'd love to send Paul if there was a job to be had!!! HAHA!

Stina said...