Friday, December 14, 2012

Ladies weekend 2

A couple weeks ago some of my best friends from college came into town to have a mini-reunion. We did a few Williamsburg-y things like walk around campus and Colonial Williamsburg and watch a Tribe basketball win. We also threw one of our friends a baby shower - the impetus for actually getting together around the holidays since this time of year is so busy! The last time we got together was in May; I could really get used to doing this twice a year :)
(Photos courtesy of Maggie, I think)

Everyone headed home Sunday afternoon and though it was short, it was really fun to see everyone and catch up on each others lives.


maggie said...

Thank you so much Katie for being such a great hostess! Can't wait to come back and visit again :)

jennie said...

i definitely foresee multiple reunions a year. we must!

Stina said...

had so much fun with you girls!!