Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas tree

This year we went to get our tree the first weekend in December. Because Thanksgiving was so late this year and I didn't realize the Christmas season was so short, I wish we had gotten it before Thanksgiving! Oh well, we will probably end up leaving the tree up longer than we should in January :) It only took us looking at two or three trees to find the one we wanted, and we are pretty happy with it! I loooove the ambiance of the lights on the tree. We have the tree lit and a fire going almost every night these days - this is the part of winter that I love. Once Christmas is over and the New Year has begun, winter seems so, so long. For us, basketball season helps because it gets us out of the house to socialize during the week, but after that ends it seems like winter is still here forever.

Picking out our tree (at Lowe's) and tying it to the car:

Eleanor was so excited about the tree that she rode home on it*:

With lights and ornaments at our house:

*Just kidding, obviously


Dorothy said...

What a beautiful tree! It is lovely!

jennie said...

that must have been a warm day when you got your tree!

LA-jan said...

You made that tree look Maaarvelous!

ps * Ha Ha Ha!! * (picture is too, too cute!)

maggie said...

Your tree is so lovely! I love how many presents you already have under it!