Friday, December 27, 2013

Four months

Eleanor is four months old now! At her doctors appointment she weighed 13 pounds, 13 ounces (45th percentile) was 24 and 3/4 inches long (66th percentile and 37% of the way to my adult height) and her head circumference was 16 inches (53rd percentile). She got a couple shots and but for a few tears on the table, she slept a lot the rest of the day.

Eleanor is up to a lot more this month, like holding her bottle herself while Chris feeds her, grabbing things, and pulling her pacifier out of her mouth. She is drooling a lot, loves to blow bubbles, and is starting to put everything in her mouth that fits, particularly her fingers and fists. She has found her fingers and tries to suck both her thumb and middle two fingers at times. Perhaps most notably, she learned to roll from her back to her stomach a couple weeks ago! She still does it fairly infrequently, but often enough that we can no longer leave her unattended unless she is on the floor or contained. Her stomach muscles are stronger as she is constantly trying to sit up despite a lack of balance. She also still loves to just stand in our laps instead of sitting. She has friends at daycare now that hug her when she shows up or stand next to her while she's in the swing, which is super adorable.

Eleanor at one, two, and three months.


jennie said...

Wow she is so so adorable! I love her smile!

Dorothy said...

Okay, I pulled up the past months and wow, has she grown! Such a big difference from previous months! Cute!

Elizabeth said...

she looks great, and i love those cheeks!! it must be adorable to see her with her friends :)

maggie said...

loving the cheeks this month! so great! She seems like she is a quite the social butterfly!