Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Two months

Eleanor is two months old today! She is pretty awesome. She can still do all the things she was doing at one month old, but now does a little more. She coos and likes to have conversations with her dad. She can imitate certain sounds, such as "oohhh" and "ahh." She loves to stand, but has no balance, so we just hold her around her torso and she supports her weight while she wobbles. She is starting to be interested in her play mat, but still can't consciously make contact with the dangling objects. When she hits them accidentally while flailing though it is very entertaining! She is still a champion traveler, this month visiting Surry, Harrisonburg/MasanuttenCharlottesville/Keswick, and northern Virginia again - this time to Lorton and Herndon/Chantilly. She sleeps less during the day, and best of all this month, she smiles!

We had her two month pediatrician appointment this morning and her official stats are as follows:
     - Length: 23 and 1/4 inches long (84th percentile and 34% of the way to my adult height!)
     - Weight: 10 pounds, 13 ounces (38th percentile)
     - Head circumference: 14.8 inches (32nd percentile) 
Despite being a little bit small when she was born, she is catching up quickly!

Some pictures of Eleanor today:


jennie said...

oh my gosh so cute!! look at her little smile!!!

Catherine McPherson said...


Elizabeth said...

love that smile!!

Ashley said...

Looking good little peanut!!!

Dorothy said...

Such a cute little jelly bean!

maggie said...

OMG the smiles! You're quite the girl on the go, Eleanor!