Friday, April 4, 2014

March wrap-up

This month we went to visit Chris in his new office. He's got windows and cell service - definitely an upgrade from working in the basement of W&M Hall. His pictures and things have all been moved over, but there's still a little room for decorating.

Eleanor tried on her infant mittens for fun one day because I couldn't find anything else to entertain her. This tactic worked, surprisingly, for at least 20 minutes.

Our world this month fluctuated with surprising agility between 75 degree days, and below freezing days with snow. I mean, in the same week we would have snow on the ground and then I'd be wearing a t-shirt outside a couple days later.

We had some friend babysitters and some professional babysitters help out again with Eleanor due to our ridiculousness of work schedules. Hopefully that will calm down here soon.

Eleanor practiced her standing on both the couch, and the floor holding on to a table. She is getting decent. We're still probably months away from cruising though.

We are attempting a sippy cup at the moment, of which she doesn't seem to be a fan. Hopefully that will change along with the weather.

Eleanor broke a plant. In fact, despite how crappy it looked when my grandparents came to visit the other week (and yes, Chris passed along your comment, Grammy: "I see Katie is still take great care of her plants"), this plant was actually given to me by my grandparents when they came to visit us in Farmville over four years ago. SO I KEPT A PLANT ALIVE FOR FOUR YEARS! The fault for its current shabby state rests solely with the one pictured below (not on the fact that I haven't replanted it in over four years). Evidence here.

Eleanor decided she likes clementines. I was eating one and she got a hold of one of my pieces without me noticing. She sucked half of it dry before I finished taking pictures and could wrestle it away from her.

Apparently a lot of our friends here in Williamsburg have March birthdays. A group outing to a Mexican restaurant was scheduled to celebrate them. I was planning on not going because I had to work and the dinner was at 6, but when I got off work (at 7:30) and called Chris, he told me the waiter hadn't even taken their order yet so I headed over. I still had to wait over an hour for food, but at least I didn't have to wait two and a half hours like everyone else! Also, there was a free margarita involved, so it all worked out.

This is just cute, what can I say?

I took Eleanor to a shoe store to get her feet measured for the first time. She apparently wears a 3M. Thank goodness I went because I was going to order shoes online and I thought the "M" stood for month, so I had a pair of 9M in my shopping card ready for purchase. Probably goes without saying that those wouldn't have fit her for awhile.

Chris and Eleanor made me breakfast in bed one morning. It was awesome. I love breakfast in bed.

Sometimes when I actually get Eleanor dressed (a lot of time I stick with the sleep and play onesies - they're the best), I realize how big she is getting! She totally looks like a little kid sometimes instead of a baby!

She's also lately been wearing what we refer to as her hipster hat. It's awesome. It has a miniature bill :)

Eleanor has also been joining us at restaurants a few times lately and loves it. She likes menus, high chairs, and new food. All fun.

And there you go...our month of March!


Dorothy said...

Fun and busy! Work, play and lots of love all around:-)

jennie said...

what a busy, awesome, and CUTE month!

Patty said...

All of these pictures are wonderful! Chris' office looks great!!