Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Greats come to visit!

This past month my grandparents (and Eleanor's great grandparents!!) drove from Texas to the east coast, ALL because they wanted to meet Eleanor (just kidding, they visited lots of other people while here, too)! They came to Williamsburg to see the girl in her natural habitat, and we had a wonderful time. They came in Thursday and met Chris and Eleanor at the house. I was at work at the time, so Chris sent me pictures so I follow along. Love at first sight, obviously:

They were able to feed her a bottle and help get her put to bed that first night.

The next day we spent basically playing with E. We did take a detour to look for some juice at a nearby grocery store and we also walked around the neighborhood and went to the park. Lots of conversations about life happened that day...I hope Eleanor took notes :)

We went out to lunch and dinner, as well, and Eleanor entertained us with her attempts to eat food. At dinner she ate approximately half a bowl of was kind of incredible.

Overall it was an awesome visit, albeit short. Thank you, thank you Grammy and WGFP (my grandpa's nickname: world's greatest fighter pilot) for coming to visit us!


Patty said...

What wonderful photos! You are blessed to have your grandparents know Eleanor!

grammy said...

Your grandfather says yes, meeting the sweet Eleanor was the main purpose of the visit! Wish we could see all of you more often.

Dorothy said...

What a wonderful treat to all be together! It looks like everyone had a great day! Eleanor will have fun with those two as the years go by!