Friday, June 6, 2014

May wrap-up

With the passing of May we've heralded summer this first week of June with ridiculously hot weather. I'm a little sad to see spring go because 65-80 degree weather is awesome and there is very little of that in Williamsburg in the summer. As you can probably imagine, we spent much of the entire month of May outside, on the back porch, in the baby pool, in the yard, in Colonial Williamsburg. I'm hoping we'll be able to continue this in June, but so far it has been too hot.

On the theme of outside tomatoes have absolutely exploded this past month. There are a couple red ones and all the rest are still green. I have been staking them up but they are getting so big that they're pulling my stakes down. Honestly, I don't even know what to do at this point! I have to water them twice a day because they drink so much water in this heat. This picture is from early last month (the plants are taller than those stakes now!), so I'll need to take an updated one soon.

Obviously with the crawling and mobility, Eleanor is starting to get into things. The favorite lately has been cabinets. Sometimes if I need to run into another room really quickly, I'll put her into that bumbo seat on the ground because she still can't figure out how to get out of it :)

We have been grilling a lot this past month. Chris is figuring out how to grill stuff since this is the first summer we've ever had a legitimate grill and it's been great! The house isn't hot from having the oven on (and perhaps more importantly, Chris does the cooking).

And speaking of food, Eleanor basically eats everything now. She kind of did already, but now it seems like there's almost nothing she won't eat as long as she's in a decent mood...except for blueberries. She does not like blueberries.

Going to the doctor last month was an adventure because it was almost impossible to keep her on the table. We tried puzzles, but the winner was going to town on the crinkly paper you're supposed to sit on. She wrapped that stuff around herself and was happy for the entire visit. Except for the shot part, of course.

The new favorite toy of the month is shoes, and in particular, their laces. These keep her entertained for significant periods of time.

I know Eleanor's hair has been up in ponytails a lot recently and this is why: the girl sweats a lot. Her hair is past her eyes and resting on her cheeks when it's down and it just makes her hotter. I am a long way away from cutting or even trimming it, so the solution thus far is ponytails. It's getting so long that the ponytail has started to flop over on top, so hopefully soon it will be long enough to put a little farther back on her head. Also, I've done pigtails, but I don't think I've posted a picture of that cuteness yet :)


Dorothy said...

She is all over the place! And the pony tail is adorable. What a difference seeing her crawl all over the place!

Ashley said...

Let the baby-proofing begin :) And yay for grilling and men cooking!!

Patty said...

Just love every one of these pictures! Those eyelashes!!

maggie said...

my favorite is the one of E watching Chris grill! Baby legs!!!