Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Memorial Day weekend

For Memorial Day weekend, Chris and I headed up to Leesburg to celebrate my dad's birthday! On the way, we stopped by Lake of the Woods to spend some time at the lake with Chris' friends as we've done for many past Memorial Days. The weather was nice, but Eleanor wasn't feeling her best so we were only there for 4 or 5 hours. She took her first boat ride (besides the ferry to Surry) and seemed to enjoy the wind in her hair. She had a bit of a scare when we watched Chris jump off the boat into the lake. She was fine and good until he went under water and then all the sudden she started sobbing and crying and would not be pacified until he resurfaced and waved at her for a little while. We had an awesome lunch where Chris was provided a "dad meal" of a bacon cheeseburger, a brat, and a bacon wrapped hot dog. I am not kidding...he ate all of it.

After the lake we headed back up to Leesburg for a birthday celebration: chocolate cake and chocolate icing. It was delicious. Happy birthday, dad!!

On Sunday we headed to a nearby winery - Sunset Hills. It was an awesome afternoon. It wasn't terribly hot, but was very sunny and we got a table in the shade and listened to some live music while snacking on food. Both sets of grandparents were able to hang out with Eleanor for the afternoon, and Eleanor loved it because she got to meet other babies and dogs and chew on celery.

That afternoon we took a walk up near Frederick, MD along the C&O canal. On the way home we picked up some delicious BBQ from a stand off the side of the road and it may have been some of the best BBQ I've ever had (besides maybe the Salt Lick).

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing at the house. My dad took Eleanor on a long walk every morning so that we could do things like eat breakfast and was wonderful! She even met a retired judge on her journeys.

Eleanor decided to dedicate most of her weekend to tracking down Duncan. Poor guy was very patient, but on the run all weekend long!

We had lots of story time and hanging out with family.

When we finally got back to Williamsburg, we headed over to our neighbor's house for a barbecue and bonfire with friends.

All in all it was a very full weekend and we were so glad we got to share it with so many of our favorite people :)


jennie said...

looks like a fun and full weekend! Is Eleanor wearing baby crocs? And yess to the Salt Lick.

LA-jan said...

So much fun! So many great pictures.
Love the pic of you and E on the boat! Looks ready for Bass Lake already!

Dorothy said...

Great photos of a great weekend!

Ashley said...

What a fun, packed weekend!! Now I know what to make for Alex for Father's Day - the dad meal!

maggie said...

what a busy weekend! omg! E's hair is looking so blonde in these pictures!