Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Town, also known as the most magical place on Earth

Chris and I got season passes to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens again this year. I had never been before last year, and we ended up going four times in basically four weeks. This year we've only been twice, but I'm hoping to get another time in before it ends on New Years Eve.

We took the sky train all around the park, which I had never seen in daylight before (at least as Christmas Town) because last year we only went after 7pm when it was already dark and all the crowds were gone.

We were also able to let Eleanor ride some rides this year! There are signs at most rides that say "no handheld infants" but this year, after she demonstrated she could walk for the attendant, she was able to ride some things. The Clydesdales were the only one she could ride alone so far. She definitely didn't love it as much as I was hoping she would.

She was able to ride the Little Gliders with us, as well as the carousel (which she's ridden before).

Her favorite attraction at the park though, was Christmas Town's newest show, Scrooge No More. As soon as it started, she bounced and clapped basically the entire 30 minutes. People around us seemed more entertained by her than the show itself.

In second place by a close margin was the Christmas tree light show in Germany.

We, of course, had to get Eleanor's picture on the Polar Pathway. Go HERE to see her picture from last year.

Overall, great visits to Christmas Town so far this year. I love this place - it truly puts you in the Christmas spirit.

We went with friends one week and by ourselves the next but will always welcome company :)


Dorothy said...

That looks like a great place to visit! Looks like Eleanor likes the music best:-)

maggie said...

omg the video of her dancing is SO cute! Love those moves!