Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May wrap-up

May was a wonderful month where I worked a little less and we spent lots of time outside and playing with friends. Eleanor has been attempting to talk in complete sentences, throwing random syllables in between words when she knows there's something she's missing but she just doesn't know what. For example, " Eh-know walk ah Hannah nah park" means "Eleanor walks with Hannah to the park." Work is going well for both Chris and me and we are taking full advantage of our weekends together.

We have, of course, been visiting Colonial Williamsburg, as we do every month.

We have also been going to our neighborhood park quite a lot.

Eleanor has gotten more interested in her tricycle.

We've been spending afternoons out on the deck when it's not too terribly hot.

We've been sitting out in the hammock reading books in the afternoon.

We also finally got our stump ground after getting our dead tree cut down awhile back.

Chris has been teaching Eleanor how to make pizza, and she is loving it.

Eleanor also loves to help me make breakfast in the mornings.

We've been taking walks with the elongating days after dinner since it is still light outside.

Ashleigh came to visit for the weekend and Eleanor talked about her coming for two days before and after her visit.

There have also been many more excursions into the baby pool as we try to get Eleanor a little more interested in water this year.

We have also started trying to hide vegetables in smoothies so that Eleanor will eat more veggies. So far so good...let's hope it continues..!

Hopefully we will continue our summer relaxation and fun well into the next few months!


Dorothy said...

Her smile is so unbelievably sweet!

Dorothy said...
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maggie said...

Such sweet moments - E looks so big these days and you guys are certainly keeping busy!