Thursday, November 5, 2015

October wrap-up

October was quite a month for us. We are still adjusting to having Jane with us now and have so far been loving life as a family of four. I have pretty much figured out how to get out the door with two kids, but some things, like grocery shopping alone, are still quite challenging. That being said, we haven't holed up in our house all month...

We had our first family movie night together, watching Beauty and the Beast on the floor while eating popcorn.

Jane is getting bigger by the day but still has such tiny feet!

One night I was feeling ambitious and got all three of us showered and bathed by myself. I took a picture to send to Chris who was gone that night and while I was taking the picture, Jane threw up on all three of us. Such is life now, I'm told.

We still love taking walks in the evening together, but they will likely get more rare since daylight savings happened this past weekend.

Eleanor is still enamored with Jane and loves holding her baby sister.

She also loves reading to her…

Someone gifted Eleanor a used lawnmower (and a power wheels which she seems to care less about) and she loves mowing the lawn with Chris.

We had an opportunity to play with some dry ice. Eleanor was very confused and entertained, though she was a little scared when smoke started coming up over the sink at her.

We met some friends in CW for ice cream one day and had a great time playing with the older girls.

We had a play date one morning with friends and the girls somehow climbed into the crib together which made for an adorable picture.

Eleanor and Jane got matching Minnie Mouse hats!

Chris' parents came down for a football game and we tailgated. It was Jane's first football game and she did great.

Jane took her first bottle this month

Eleanor is still loving Mom's Morning Out.

Sweet Jane and I are battling for the pacifier. She doesn't want to take it, and I want her to!

We carved our pumpkin for Halloween. Eleanor actually helped out a bit this year.

Jane got to meet a new friend, sweet Georgia, who is six weeks younger than her.

Eleanor and I got ice cream together for an afternoon excursion.

Eleanor rode on her first tire swing. She enjoyed it, though I am not sure I'll encourage it until she's a few months older and follows directions to hold on a bit better...

October was a busy month for us, and I haven't even gotten to W&M Homecoming (which happened two weeks ago) and my grandparents visiting from Texas! On to November...


Dorothy said...

What a fun month. Those Minnie Mouse hats are adorable!

LA-jan said...

You guys were busy. Great pictures!
I love the one with all the kids in the crib. Fun picture!

David said...

Such sweet sister photos! Looks like it was a great (and busy!) month!

Patty said...

Love every one of these photos! Jane already looks so big compared to Georgia!