Monday, November 9, 2015

The greats come to visit

My grandparents (Eleanor and Jane's great grandparents!) came to visit from Texas in October! They came down for a couple days and cooked some delicious food for us and just generally hung out getting to know the girls a bit. Eleanor was certainly a fan and keeps talking about "Opa" and "Gammy."

We took walks around the neighborhood, around Colonial Williamsburg, and even stopped for lemonade - Eleanor's current favorite CW activity.

In the middle of dinner one night, Jane had a crazy poop explosion, so Grammy helped me change that one in the sink ;) Welcome to life with a newborn...

Right before they left to go home, I realized I hadn't taken a single picture with either of them! I spent the entire time taking pictures of them with the girls, so I made sure to remedy that before they headed out.

Thank you for coming to visit! We already miss you lots and wish you were back here with us!


Dorothy said...

It always fun with Gammy and Opa nearby!! So glad you had a nice visit!

David said...

LOVE that your kiddos get to spend time with their "greats"! Such a fun visit!

Patty said...

How blessed to have great grandparents!! Great pictures!