Monday, January 25, 2016

Being sick is no fun

Our sweet Jane has had to suffer through four different colds in her four short months of life beginning the day we brought her home from the hospital and big sister Eleanor sneezed directly in her face. Thankfully none of them have been a very big deal. Unfortunately, a day or two before her four month check up, she started having a nasty sounding cough and started wheezing. Eleanor had a very mild case of RSV when she was little that I never took her in for, but poor Jane had quite a bit of wheezing going on and was struggling with her breathing a bit. We had her swabbed at her check up and sure enough she was positive for RSV. As you can tell, it never affected her appetite :)

We were able to do an albuterol treatment at the office that she seemed to respond to decently so we borrowed a nebulizer from the office to treat her at home. It has seemed to help decrease her work of breathing, which I am thankful for.

Eleanor was also sick at the same time and I'm not sure who gave it to whom. Eleanor's manifested itself by the same nasty sounding cough, fevers, a runny nose, and throwing up, though I think it was more a response to choking on mucus than actually feeling nauseous. I kept listening to her with my stethoscope but she never seemed to be wheezy. She was a little extra clingy throughout but mostly acted like her normal self the whole time. Pretty soon she was picking up the stethoscope saying, "I'm a doctor! I will open your back and listen with mama's sess-so-co!"

Needless to say, we ate homemade chicken noodle soup all weekend :)

Sadly, at our follow-up appointment, Jane had come down with an ear infection on her right side so we aren't totally out of the woods yet, but her breathing is much improved. Thankfully, Jane has been very good-tempered and happy throughout the last week despite not feeling well. The biggest change has been her going from almost sleeping through the night to waking up multiple times (up to four!!) again. Hopefully this will be short lived. This mama is tired!


maggie said...

oh my goodness, sick babies are the worst! I'm so glad to hear both E and J are on the mend - and hopefully some good nights of rest are in everyone's future!

LA-jan said...

You've had it rough this winter!
RSV season is bad this year; our whole unit is in isolation because of it.
No fun!

Patty said...

So sorry for all the sick days and glad they are on the mend. praying for better days and more sleep!

Dorothy said...

Rest up.... glad she is improving!